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Wine is notoriously associated with blood, the land where our roots and those or our brothers lie and, during this era of global communication and economy, it, more than anything else, is exalted as a paradigm of this area. The territory’s traditions are kept together like the clusters of one of the earth’s oldest beverages, a nectar that over the centuries has always consolidated the territorial culture of the people, first in the Mediterranean and then in the rest of the world.  In the Mediterranean, the cradle of Europe, the mare nostrum where the Phoenician, Greek, Arab and Latin civilizations sprouted and prospered, wine was always used to unite, enchant, create myths and make pacts. Wine is culture, just like or maybe even more than art, and in the synesthesia of its tasting it helps us rediscovered a deep and ancestral lifeblood and the source that communicates the knowledge of a people and the traditions of a land.

Sicily is, or is not far off from being, the center of the Mediterranean. All ancient civilizations that sailed its peaceful closed sea passed by its coasts. Millennia of intermingling and reciprocal influences enriched the rich and fertile land of its tradition and culture. Principe Ibleo’s wine is the result of a deep excavation in search of its history; the selection of what better represents Sicily.

Amorosa Promessa Memore Incanta Sovrano